Tips for enjoying the summer in Alicante

If you are one of those who is going to spend a few days in Alicante, it is important that you consider the safety advice that you will see in this post. Whether you are going to spend a few days to enjoy the beach, or if you want to enjoy the historical heritage and other activities in the city, it is important that you consider the following tips.

Tips for the summer in Alicante: heat

alicante playa

It is important to keep in mind that the temperature reached at noon is the highest. The solar index is the highest, so it is important to avoid being in the sun for long. If you go to the beach, you should take advantage of the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the afternoon. Being exposed to solar radiation from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. is something that can be very harmful to your health.

You should also use sunscreen creams with an adequate protection index. Keep in mind the moment you expose yourself to the Sun and your skin type. If you go to the beach with the children, they should be protected with creams with solar factor 100.

Do not think that just going out to spend the sun will give you less. It is equally important that you use sunscreen.

Hydration is another aspect to consider, so you should not leave without bringing enough water. If you finish or you warm, do not hesitate to get cold bottles in any of the establishments in the area.

Spending a little time in the shade is of the most important thing, so it is advisable to look for parks in which to take a step and for the children to play. On the beach, there is nothing better than carrying an umbrella to prevent the rays of the sun from directly giving you.

Beware of bites

And, not everything is the Sun. You should also use mosquito repellent if you go to the forest or take a step and you are prone to their bites.

In case of contact with a jellyfish, the same emergency services on the beach will be indicated to relieve the pain and stinging, while indicating the treatments to be followed. Anyway, preventing is the best, so you must keep your eyes open when entering the water and see the state of the sea.

Always according to the state of the sea

It is important that when you go to the beach, you look at the flag that hangs. It is the best way to know the state of the sea and if you can bathe without worry or if you must go with care. Above all, it is important when you go with children.

Emergencies: when to go to the doctor

If you notice that you feel dizzy, that you are very hot and you have a general discomfort, it is time to go to emergency room.

In the case of children, if you see them very asleep or quiet, have a fever and have eyes of a purple color that they lack hydration and possibly also suffer from sunstroke. That is why going to the emergency services is the most necessary.

In case of insect or jellyfish stings, go to the emergency services as soon as possible. Not only will they alleviate the symptoms, but they will give us the appropriate treatment if necessary.

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Buying Homes In Alicante

Buying a house or a flat in Alicante is something that we can get relatively easy and it is that there is a great variety of real estate and associations that can help us in it. But, we must be clear that it is not the same to ask for a mortgage in a bank for a resident that for the person who only comes to spend a few days in the city. In the same way, we must keep in mind that there are certain requirements to be fulfilled when obtaining a loan. And lastly, even if we had the money to buy the house, there are a number of steps we must take to do so. To make everything simpler, we tell you the steps and the procedures to go through.

Buying a home with a mortgage


If we want to buy a house in Alicante and we want to do it with a mortgage, the banks will ask us for certain economic guarantees. On the one hand, we must have the residence and an account in the bank to be able to request the mortgage. But, in addition, we must be able to present proof of income.

If we have payroll, this will be the documentary that will be taken as reference. On the other hand, we must take into account that, in the case of the self-employed, they will be asked for the income statements, in addition to the quarterly taxes.

If we are pensioners, the bank will have proof of the income we receive and we charge in Spain, which will be enough if we ask for the mortgage in the same bank. If we want to request it in another, we must provide this proof of income along with other documentation that we can request.

Steps to buy the house

Once we have seen the house we want to buy, we must contact the real estate company that has it on your list. Real estate is one of the best options we have to do these operations. They deal with a lot of paperwork, so it’s worth bearing in mind.

Although we have not seen any houses that we like, we can also get in touch with them so they start looking for what we like the most. This is a process that can take days or months, and it is that we must go looking at the houses until we find the one we really want to buy.

On the other hand, once we have it and want to buy it, it will be time to go to the bank. This is a process that we can do, but can also do the real estate if we are in another country or if we simply want them to take care of everything.

In case of having the money and we do not need mortgaged, we must go to the bank in the same way so that it makes the transfer or the operation that we have agreed with the real estate agent.

Once we have gone through the bank, provided the necessary documentation, etc., the bank will tell us the amount of mortgage that grants us, as well as the conditions for it. In case of accepting them, we must go to a notary to sign the sale. In this case, it will be necessary for future owners to be present, as the real estate can not do so unless they are given powers, which is often expensive.

And, once signed, we have nothing left to enjoy our house.


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San Juan in Alicante: an experience for all ages

San Juan is one of the celebrations that usually like a lot, both large and small. And in Alicante, it is celebrated with many traditions and events that are worth attending. That’s why we want to talk about this verbena so you can attend with the children and enjoy this great celebration.


Pyrotechnic Games

fuegos fallas

If there is something that, without a doubt, they like the pyrotechnic displays very much and the shows that can be seen in this night. Not all municipalities have them, but wherever they do, as in the case of San Juan, you can enjoy a good show.


Bonfires and firecrackers

Bonfires and firecrackers delight children. There are a lot of them, so it is important that we make sure that each child has the right ones for their age. In addition, the children can spend a pleasant afternoon helping to prepare the bonfires that are carried out near them. It is a task that they love and that, in addition, allows them to have a great time with the neighbors.

The bonfires are lit at 10 o’clock in many places, so we have a good time to enjoy them. In some municipalities, they do not go by the hour, but turn them on once the day has darkened.


Typical dishes and coca from San Juan

We must also consider that, on this day, you can cook typical dishes. Each town or town has its own typical dishes to cook on this day. In addition, we must keep in mind that the cocas are a great dessert for the little ones of the family.

The cocas can be found of the most varied and is that there is no child who does not go to eat his coca for San Juan. We have them of chocolate, but also of pine nuts, of cream, etc.

The cocas are usually eaten accompanied by cava or other liquors such as the Moscatel. This is already according to the tastes of each one. But, whatever we take it, we can be sure that it will leave a sweet taste in this special night.


San Juan: a history of neighborhoods

If there is something special in this celebration and we have always liked it is that children, families and neighbors gathered near the bonfires to enjoy time together. Perhaps today society does not allow for much association, but the truth is that the night of San Juan continues to maintain its charm.

Children run and play in the streets and families can gather to enjoy this evening. And, take advantage late, because the next day is party so we can recover.


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Summer camps on the Costa Blanca: a great summer for them

The summer holidays are approaching and the parents start to look for alternatives so that our children can do while we work and it is few that can have three months of vacations like children. But, fortunately, we always have many options that will help us find the best for them. And, summer camps are one of the best ideas to keep in mind.

Advantages of summer camps

campamento 2

Summer camps have many advantages that parents and moms should value when thinking about activities for our children during the summer. In this case, the camp is something that brings many benefits so it is an option of the most recommended.

Going to a summer camp makes the child become more independent as well as growing on the inside. In fact, in camps, they are the ones who must do the small tasks each day and help others, so it is a great experience for them and a good way to make them grow.

We must also say that the camps we have are very unique and individual; each and every one of them, children will learn a lot. We can choose camps that are based on sports, if our children like them. In this way, you will be able to try out many sports that you cannot practice on a daily basis. On the other hand, we also have camps in English, French or German, ideal for children who love to learn a language or for those who are fair in these subjects.

Another detail to keep in mind is that children will meet new friends and expand their circles of friends. In this way, not only can they learn about traditions from other places, but they can make friends from different parts of the country. Being with children older and younger than them, children open up socially and help each other, which is great for those children who are more introverted.

Facilities and pricing

campamentos 1Most of the campsites have the most modern and well equipped facilities, as well as having their own kitchen service to adapt to the food needs of the children.

A week of camping can cost around € 900 and up to € 700, all depending on the camp we choose. We can find camps on the Costa Blanca that cost no more than € 325 per person per week. It is also true that they can go more than a week and that prices have some discounts.

Camps are starting to be one of the most valued options for parents, but not only for the fun that your children will have on vacation, but also for everything they can learn in it. It is a great contribution to your personal growth and development.

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Family Fun: Costa Blanca has it all

If you have been thinking about making a good vacation it is important that you choose the place to go. In fact, whether you are going with the family, as with friends, the couple, etc., the Costa Blanca has everything you are looking for to spend a few days of the most pleasant. We tell you some of the activities you can do and everything you can enjoy your time in this area.

The Beach: There is nothing better

costa blanca

The first thing that is most remarkable for all you can do in this space is the beach. In fact, so much you can go in the morning to give yourself a good bath and sunbathing, as you can also take advantage of this space to go for a walk at sunset. Not only will you enjoy great views, but you will also be able to walk next to your own and get this rest time that suits you so well.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the beach is also a good space to play sports if you like to be active. So much you can go running, as you can play soccer, tennis or volleyball with whoever you want. In fact, whether you go with friends or go with your children, you can have a good time playing together.

Finally, remember that the beach also has many health benefits, so it becomes a mandatory stop on your vacation.

Theme Parks

You can also make an exit to one of the theme parks you have near and in Costa Blanca you will have everything you want. It will be a great fun day doing something kids cannot do everyday.

Natural Parks

In addition to being a beautiful experience, it is an experience that will bring you a lot of culture and knowledge, something that both children and young people is going to fable.

The Terraces

costa blanca 1

The terraces and walks you can find in the Costa Blanca area are excellent and will give you a good time to spend with family or friends. You can go out for a drink or even have dinner in one of them. The truth is that you can take great advantage of these spaces to enjoy the summer.

In addition, near the terraces you can find parks for children to play, something that will be great for you to chat quietly while the children have fun and make new friends.

The truth is that the entire Costa Blanca is full of activities you can do, so it is one of the best options you should keep in mind when choosing your next vacation.

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