Las Fallas of Valencia

Las Fallas in Valencia is one of the activities of leisure that are carried out each year with a large number of followers and is that, for something, they have been declared a World Heritage Site. The Fallas are a group of activities and events that you should not miss the chance to meet. They are usually done during the first weeks of March, but exact dates depend on each year. What never changes is the events that take place. The most interesting and not to be missed are the following:

La Crida


This is the act with which the Fallas festivities open. This event is included in the wake and will last all day. The falleros will go through the streets of the city warning of the beginning of the party. Something of the most fun and that, surely, will not let you sleep as much as you would like.

La Plantà

La Plantá marks the beginning of the Fallera week. The artists have been working all year in the Fallas making real monuments that you can now see. They will be exposed throughout the day and, indeed, they are authentic works of art.

La Cremà

La Cremà is the last act of the fallera week and ends with the burning of the Fallas. It starts with child faults and then burns all the big ones. This same night awards are given to the best Fallas.

La Ofrenda de Flores

ofrendaIt is an offering made to the Virgin of flowers. Many people pelegrinan through the streets until arriving at the square where the Virgin is installed. The flowers are deposited in front of her on the ground It is an event of the most emotional.

Verbenas de Fallas

It is the most festive part of the Fallas. Mobile discos and orchestras are installed, as well as a variety of events that will give us the fun we seek until the body holds us back.

Calles Iluminadas

All the streets of the city are illuminated for the Fallas and it is a complement that goes together; We will never see the Fallas without this illumination in the streets. In fact, it is spectacular the effect of light that the streets have in these dates.

Programa de Mascletaes

It is the program of all the Mascletas that are made these days.

Cabalgata del Ninot

This is the moment in which the different fall commissions take their Ninot, the most important failure to expose them. They are parades in which the most important faults are shown and moved.

Exposición del Ninot

The Ninot Exhibition includes the days when the most important failures of each of the commissions can be seen for all. They are exhibited so that the tourists and the inhabitants themselves have the opportunity to see these works of art in full.

Cabalgata del Foc

fuegos fallas

The Cavalcade of the Foc represents the exaltation of the fire, because in the same night is when it takes place the Crema of the Fallas.

Castillos de fuegos artificiales y Gran Nit del Foc

A show full of lights, fire and more. It is a night when fireworks fill the sky with precious shapes.

Do not miss any of these events, because the experience is one of the best and, although they are events that are repeated every year, the originality does not leave them at any time.

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Advantages of having residence in Costa Blanca

Many Europeans are looking for a residence on the Costa Blanca and there are a lot of reasons for which to look for this residence for the whole year or simply get it for certain months of the year. In another post, we will talk about the residences that can be obtained to live in Costa Blanca, but in this one we will focus on the advantages of having this residence or second residence on the Costa Blanca.

Advantages of having a residence in Spain

costa blanca 1

We focus on the Costa Blanca, because it is the best we know and from which we can give a lot of information. Many of the reasons can also be seen in other regions of the country, but there are some that we detail that you will only get if you get your residence in this area of Alicante.

Better climate, better health

Unlike other countries, the climate that we can find in Spain and especially in Costa Blanca is the best because of the influence of the sea. The climate is quite temperate and very sunny, which allows us to enjoy much clearer days and greatly improve our health. Both physical and psychic, the sun and the climate of this area of Spain help us to feel better, to avoid depressions and to end certain pains in back, arms, etc.

Social Security

Social Security is guaranteed for all Europeans, so we should not worry about it. Moreover, in many cases, the Social Security that we are going to get on the Costa Blanca is much more complete than in other countries. Thus, whether we are thinking of residing for a few months or the whole year, this is a reason to take very into account.

Mediterranean diet: it also helps you take care of yourself

costa blanca 3

The typical Mediterranean diet of this area is another reason you must consider. It is rich in fruits and vegetables and everything you can consume in this area is of high quality. This will bring many improvements to your health, without a doubt.

Many leisure activity offers for all ages

Another advantage we have when changing residence and spending time or all year on the Costa Blanca is that we have a lot of activities to do with family, friends, etc. From sports activities, to cultural activities, gastronomic activities and much more.

Departures all over Spain

From any point of the Costa Blanca we can move to Madrid, Barcelona, Burgos, etc. We have different means of transport that we can use to move and enjoy a weekend in different places of Spain without needing to change residence. Besides, being able to go by plane, car, public transport, etc., Costa Blanca puts Spain within reach of everyone.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we invite you to take this step in which you have been thinking for some time. You can be sure that Costa Blanca will have everything you are looking for in a wonderful place of residence.

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Advantages of living in Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is one of the favorite areas of tourists when they come on holiday to the country, but if you have been thinking about coming to live in this area, the fact is that you have made a great choice. We can tell you that living in this area has great advantages that we will detail you so that you can make a great decision. We are sure that this information will be of interest to you.

Advantages of living in Costa Blanca: a great place for everyone

costa blanca

The advantages of living on the Costa Blanca are many and is that, as we have said, many people are going to this area to summer and to live if they can afford to take this step in their life. Let’s see some of the most interesting for those who are thinking of going to live in this area. You have a good weather, beach and much more.

Complete and free healthcare

Whether you are Spanish or not, healthcare is something that you will have access to, so you already have won a lot. The healthcare is accessible and free for all inhabitants of the area, so if you live in one of the cities in the area, you can have a complete and accessible health that you will not find in other countries.

Very well valued and affordable housing

vivinda alicante

You should also know that homes are very affordable in this area. You can buy a house, flat or simply rent an apartment easily. You will have good conditions and the real estate agents of the zone will help you in all the steps that you must give. In this way, it will be very easy to find a suitable home for you, near the sea or wherever you like.

Associations and leisure

The Costa Blanca is one of the areas where you will be able to enjoy more of the associations of foreign inhabitants, for example. In addition, you will see that you have a lot of leisure offers, which we have already talked about in other posts. You can go hiking with family or friends, as well as enjoy all the theme parks in the area.

Schools and training available for all

If you have family, you will see that it will be very simple to have everything that these need. You will have schooling of your children and, in addition, the aids that you need to go and settle calmly in your new zone. City councils, as well as voluntary associations, are essential; They will give you all the information you need to normalize your life in the area and they will make you feel more secure at all times.

As you can see, if you have made the decision to move to the Costa Blanca, the advantages you have are many. Not only for the facilities you have at your disposal, but for the ease of making friends and acquaintances, having associations in which there are natives from other countries like you who, not only will be your friends, but will help you in everything. You will not miss anything and we are sure that it will be a great and positive change in your life.

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Leisure and Sports in Alicante: enjoy them all

Going out with the family and having a good time together is something we can do easily if we live in Alicante and is that, indeed, is an area where we can find many leisure offers to enjoy. In this post, we want to talk about some of the most outstanding, whether you are looking for sports or leisure in general.

Leisure and sports in Alicante: what you are looking for

deportes en alicante

As we have said in the beginning of the post, the truth is that in Alicante you can have a lot of activities to do with family or friends, the couple, etc. We are not talking about the typical options of going to dinner and then to the cinema, which can also be done, but we talk about original activities that are sure to charm you.

Sports clubs

One of the first options we want to point out are the different sports clubs that we have in the area. Being part of one of these clubs will not only allow us to enjoy the sport that we like, but also make new friends. We can play football, basketball, petanca, baseball, swimming, gymnastics and much more. These activities not only help us to have better health, but also allows us to enjoy the company of new people with tastes like ours.

Hiking and Trekking

The Costa Blanca is one of the most complete in terms of different hiking trails. The truth is that we have them very simple, but also more complex or advanced difficulty. Whether we want to do some affordable and easy routes with the family, or if we are experts and look for more level and difficulty, in Alicante we will find a lot of routes to follow and have a great time. There are so many of them that you will not have to repeat any in a long time.

Museums and cultural sites

museos alicante

You also have museums that you can go with the family. From the Museum of Toys to the Museum of Firemen, going through many other options that will appeal to everyone. But the best thing about these activities is that both the big and the small of the family can enjoy and learn a lot of them.

We must highlight the option of visiting historical and cultural sites, with which we can learn and much about the past and history of Alicante as well as the entire Costa Blanca.

Theme parks

The theme parks are another leisure option that will suit you a lot and, especially, if you have small children in the family. You cannot fail to visit them all, as they will offer you a unique experience as a family.

As you can see, the offer of leisure you have in Alicante and, in general, throughout the area of the Costa Blanca is one of the most varied. In this way, you can be sure that you will have great plans always, so that you can enjoy this time with family or with the friends that are so much enjoy. We hope you enjoy it a lot; Will be unforgettable experiences.

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Know Spain from Alicante: a trip to Sevilla

If you want to get to know Spain, from Alicante you have a lot of combinations of different transportation to get to the different areas of the country. You will see that you have many options and that, with most of them, that you will be able to enjoy most of them behind the Wheel. In this case, we are going to see how you can get from Alicante to Sevilla and enjoy a nice weekend in this great city.

Alicante to Sevilla: different methods of transportation

alicante sevlla 1

The first method of transportation that everyone thinks about is by car. And, yeas this can be a good option if you have a car and like to drive. In this case, consider that the trip is 600 kilometers and it will take you about 6 hours to complete. However, this is a method that is best to leave early in the morning or on a Friday night to reduce travel time.

Another option that you have is to go by AVE. This travel will take you 5 and a half hours and you have a departure every hour. However, you will be able to enjoy the entire trip and not have to worry about the road conditions. In addition, you have various hours and prices available, which you are sure to find one that works perfectly for you.

Lastly, for the fastest option, we want to tell you about the option to take a flight. Also, you will be able to enjoy many different departure times and the flights are only 1 hour. The price of a plane ticket starts at 130€, but if you go with a group or with family, it is possible to get a discount when it is time to reserve your flight. Do not think that the price is more by plane than by car, because if you go by car you also have some of the costs that make them about the same. In addition, you only take an hour, allowing you to get more enjoyment from your days in the city of Sevilla.

Hotels in Sevilla

alicante sevilla 2

We also need to tell you about booking a hotel in Sevilla, where you can enjoy different options. You will see that you have an opportunity to book a hotel in the center of the city and three or four stars for much less than you may think. This is an option that you will want to evaluate and give some thought to. If you are closer to the center, you will get more enjoyment out of your stay in the city.  You will have easy access to all the many museums and sites of interest, as well as to great restaurants with local dishes, food and many shows.

As you can see, in Sevilla there is a lot to do and we are sure that this is a city that you are going to love. Note the directions we have given you and look how to plan your trip. You will have a marvelous time and we are confident that you are going to love Sevilla.


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