San Juan in Alicante: an experience for all ages

San Juan is one of the celebrations that usually like a lot, both large and small. And in Alicante, it is celebrated with many traditions and events that are worth attending. That’s why we want to talk about this verbena so you can attend with the children and enjoy this great celebration.


Pyrotechnic Games

fuegos fallas

If there is something that, without a doubt, they like the pyrotechnic displays very much and the shows that can be seen in this night. Not all municipalities have them, but wherever they do, as in the case of San Juan, you can enjoy a good show.


Bonfires and firecrackers

Bonfires and firecrackers delight children. There are a lot of them, so it is important that we make sure that each child has the right ones for their age. In addition, the children can spend a pleasant afternoon helping to prepare the bonfires that are carried out near them. It is a task that they love and that, in addition, allows them to have a great time with the neighbors.

The bonfires are lit at 10 o’clock in many places, so we have a good time to enjoy them. In some municipalities, they do not go by the hour, but turn them on once the day has darkened.


Typical dishes and coca from San Juan

We must also consider that, on this day, you can cook typical dishes. Each town or town has its own typical dishes to cook on this day. In addition, we must keep in mind that the cocas are a great dessert for the little ones of the family.

The cocas can be found of the most varied and is that there is no child who does not go to eat his coca for San Juan. We have them of chocolate, but also of pine nuts, of cream, etc.

The cocas are usually eaten accompanied by cava or other liquors such as the Moscatel. This is already according to the tastes of each one. But, whatever we take it, we can be sure that it will leave a sweet taste in this special night.


San Juan: a history of neighborhoods

If there is something special in this celebration and we have always liked it is that children, families and neighbors gathered near the bonfires to enjoy time together. Perhaps today society does not allow for much association, but the truth is that the night of San Juan continues to maintain its charm.

Children run and play in the streets and families can gather to enjoy this evening. And, take advantage late, because the next day is party so we can recover.


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