The Medland Building

panoramica interior de noche

In December 2013 we finished the works on the new headquarters of Medland Spain. It is a unique building due to its exceptional location, just beside one of the main roads in the area, with two floors of offices and parking area that allow us to work comfortably and serve our customers as they deserve.

 IMG_1068The building features huge windows covering all four walls, accentuating the image of transparency that is present in the company’s philosophy. The outdoor signage, brightly colored, has been conducted in line with the logo, and tries to draw attention to the more playful aspects of life in Spain: sunlight, joy, optimism. The interior design is the work of our designer Francisco Pleguezuelos (Paco) and tries to give an image of seriousness and professionalism, but always respecting the image of transparency, which is empowered in this case by the use of glass and lacquered wood as separation for the internal walls. The touch of color is given by the illuminated glass table, the red lift and one of the chairs in the waiting room.




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